Nelly / Älskad Saknad

Over the years many of you became such good friends with Skillinge Diversehandels ever-vigilent security
chief, Nelly. Thus we are especially sorry to inform you of her passing on the morning of December 18th, 2018.
Nelly was born Nov 30, 2003, and it was with no small amazement we celebrated her 108th
canine birthday. She became 15 years old.
 Nelly was a constant loyal companion, an unwavering yet gentle protector, and a seasoned continental traveler who melted the hearts of skeptical inn-keepers from Lund to Lyon and all points between.
 Nelly was honored with Celtic funeral rites, and she now rests peacefully in the location where you would expect to find her performing her daily watch as she went about her duties.
Nelly received so much love and kindness from you all we are certain
this is what sustained her far, far beyond her breed’s expected lifespan,
making it possible for all of us to enjoy her company for so long.
Thank you all so much.